Welcome to the Murowa Diamonds web site

Welcome to our website which seeks to give an overview of who we are, our philosophies, achievements, approach to sustainability and an understanding of our operations.

My first priority is to run a safe mine and I’m pleased to report that we have won a number of prestigious safety awards in the past few months. We will not rest on our laurels however, and will continue to make safety and health the prime focus of our operation.

All businesses have a responsibility to deliver returns for shareholders and Murowa Diamonds has performed well with a steady increase in production rates.

We also have a responsibility to our communities and continue to develop projects to improve the social and economic well-being of our people. We are proud of our progress in our initiatives to uplift the lives of all of our people that focus on all aspects of their lives including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and training and employment.

We include a number of case studies and updates on programmes initiated during the past few years and further detail can be obtained in our sustainable development reports in the Media section.

We will use this forum to keep you updated on the progress of our Indigenisation plan and our initiatives to help build local capacity in diamond beneficiation including sorting and polishing.

I welcome your comments and feedback.

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Zebra Kasete
Managing Director